Sullivan's Sting    by Lawrence Sanders    Hardcover

Sullivan's Sting by Lawrence Sanders Hardcover

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story of a female FBI agent on the most dangerous mission of her career
Rita Sullivan is the kind of FBI agent who plays by the book and always gets her man. Now, to bring a multimillion-dollar Ponzi scammer to justice, she must become a con artist herself. David Rathbone has walked away from an insider-trading rap in New York, and the Feds are out for blood. When the beautiful Rita and her seductive prey collide, all bets are off. Now Rita's living the life of Riley, playing in David's glittering high-society world of polo, charity balls, and pleasure cruises.

As she circles the south Florida playgrounds of Palm Beach and Miami, Rita gets closer to her mark and becomes vulnerable to the biggest con of all: love." Sullivan's Sting "is one of Lawrence Sanders's most irresistible novels, with its ambitious plot and the mystery master's trademark cast of unforgettable characters.