Shenanigans    by Sarina Bowen   (Brooklyn Bruisers #6)   paperback

Shenanigans by Sarina Bowen (Brooklyn Bruisers #6) paperback

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pub 3/15/2022

What I meant to do in Vegas: Let my hair down for once and celebrate winning a medal at my first women's hockey all-stars competition.

What I actually did: Got senior prom drunk and woke up married to Brooklyn's star winger, the great Neil Drake.

He's the heir to a billion dollars, and I barely survived my childhood. Our friendship is based strictly only on hockey, takeout food and smack talk.

And now holy matrimony. Although we both know it can't last, especially once his evil family gets wind of our Vegas shenanigans...

Contains: Meddling teammates, meddling parents, ugly jewelry and a pretend-kiss that nearly sets the world on fire.