Lama Bama Ding Dong Llama Micro Puzzle Mini Jigsaw Puzzle

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Llama just say... you're going to have a whole llama love for this little guy.  Sleek, stylish... radiant with charisma... this llama screams.. "no problemllama!!"... but on the inside.... quietly. 😊

Material(s): Printed recycled card stock

Key Specs Age/Size/Player Range etc.: Ages 8 and up

Product Dimensions Out of Packaging in inches: 4" x 6" x .018"

Weight in pounds: 0.1

Key Features:

  • One Hundred and Fifty piece miniature jigsaw puzzle
  • Four inches by six inches finished size
  • Challenging but NOT overwhelming.
  • Can be assembled in a single, fun, one to two-hour session