Flight #116 is Down!   by Caroline B Cooney    paperback

Flight #116 is Down! by Caroline B Cooney paperback

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new paperback

Saturday, 5.10 pm Sixteen-year-old Heidi Landseth is alone in her isolated home near New York City.

5.15 pm Across town, seventeen-year-old Patrick Farquhar, a volunteer rescue worker, longs for an emergency - some way to prove himself.

5.30 pm Flight 116 from San Diego, a jumbo jet, is nearing the New York area.

5.41 pm A deafening roar fills the air and the sky glows red. A huge plane has crashed in the woods just beyond Heidi's house.

As the full horror and devastation of the crash is revealed, Heidi and Patrick become involved in a desperate and exhausting race against time. Because for the victims, each precious second could mean the difference between life and death...