America Chavez   by Jamie McKelvie           Marvel-Verse   paperback

America Chavez by Jamie McKelvie Marvel-Verse paperback

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Pub 3/22/22

ages 11-14

In all the Marvel-Verse, there's no one quite like America Chavez -- and she should know, as she can smash her way between realities! Now, join the dimension-hopping sensation in some of her wildest adventures! Sparks fly as America meets the teenage Loki...and their soon-to-be allies in the Young Avengers! Then, the inspirational powerhouse goes to college! Her first assignment? A field the front lines of World War II...with Captain America as her wingman! And, when she finally finds the family she has been searching for, a new life awaits -- but Exterminatrix and the Midas Corporation have set their sights on America. Her newly discovered home teeters on the brink of implosion. And the biggest danger...may be America herself!


COLLECTING: Young Avengers (2013) 3; America (2017) 1-2, 11-12; material from Marvel Now! Point One (2012) 1