A Hidden Enemy    by Erin Hunter    (Survivors #2)    paperback

A Hidden Enemy by Erin Hunter (Survivors #2) paperback

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used paperback great condition  grades 4/5

The time has come for dogs to rule the wild.

In the aftermath of the Big Growl that destroyed their city, Bella and the Leashed Dogs have finally settled in the forest where there is plenty of clean water and prey. But a fierce Pack of Wild Dogs has laid claim to the land, and their menacing Alpha will stop at nothing to ensure that it is his alone.

Lucky has taught the Leashed Dogs much about survival since they lost their longpaws, and they refuse to back down. Bella hatches an intricate plan to force the enemy Pack away—a plan that centers on Lucky's sly cunning and intelligence.

Though he still feels the pull of a Lone Dog life, Lucky agrees to help, knowing that he can't leave his friends until they are safe. Now, Lucky will be tested in more ways than one—and his actions will threaten the survival of both Packs.